Linux VR CompactFlash Root HOWTO


Even a small Linux distribution uses up some room, as well as keeping everything in a ramdisk eventually ends up being unwise. The coolest option is to replace the ROMs in the device, yet because that’s not an option (at the very least yet) for most tools, the following ideal thing is to install origin from a CompactFlash card.


A CompactFlash card for which you have no love of the contents, as this procedure will completely erase everything from your Compact Flash card. To use my ready CF roots you require a 16MB or bigger CF card.
Appropriate “boot” and “origin” archive from my ftp website.

Placing Root from CompactFlash

Place the CompactFlash card into the Linux box. Keep in mind the hd designation. The rest of these instructions will utilize/ dev/hde.

Use Linux fdisk:

fdisk/ dev/hde.

to dividing the CF card in 2 components:.

Partition   Kind         Size                   Type.

1                  Primary   2MB                 FAT12.
2                 Primary   Remainder      Linux.

You do not need to establish the boot flag for either dividing.

Format both CompactFlash dividings:.

mkdosfs/ dev/hde1.
mke2fs/ dev/hde2.

Remove the boot and also root archives using the actual names instead of “boot” and also “origin”:.

tar -xzf boot.tar.gz.
tar -xzf root.tar.gz.

Mount as well as replicate the materials of both archives to the partitions, once more making use of the actual names of the removed directory sites instead of “boot” and also “root”:.

place/ dev/hde1/ mnt -t vfat.
cp boot/ */ mnt.
umount/ mnt.

mount/ dev/hde2/ mnt.
cp -a root/ */ mnt.
umount/ mnt.

Note: The -an alternative in the second copy is crucial.

Get rid of the CompactFlash card from the Linux box and also insert it right into your tool.
Introduce cyace.exe on the storage space card. Linux must start.
When done utilizing Linux, make certain to umount/ after that reset the gadget.

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