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Last spring we launched a preview of Offermatic, a new offer page we called “Mint, Groupon and Blippy’s Stranger in Love”. Seven months later, it is still quite accurate. And now you have a chance to try it: Offermatic has been made available to the public. The company also announces that it has completed the first phase of $ 750,000 with the participation of Kleiner Perkins, Bessemer, and Angel.

Offermatic is all about getting great deals from local and national lowes employee login retailers, but it’s not just another advertising site – there are no printed coupons and you never have to show cash coupons. Instead, it links your credit or debit card to the service that automatically analyzes your purchases and offers based on your purchase history.

It is a very interesting model because lowes employee login can offer very specific offers depending on the type of things you actually buy. Have you seen any movies lately? Offermatic offers a 50% discount on tickets to Fandango. Did you just shop at Home Depot? You can send a discount, or a competitor like Lowes can pay to submit an offer and try to win a rival’s customer.

Objectives of the MyLowesLife Portal

So what is the need for the lowes employee login portal? Have a look at the major objectives of the lowes employee login portal below:

  1. To help the employees access all their details regarding their job just by a single click.
  2. The lowes employee login portal makes sure that the employees need not visit the HR section of the Lowes again and again.
  3. You can register on the lowes employee login portal and make sure that you can avail of all the benefits offered by this portal.
  4. The management team of the Lowes can easily manage the employees by using the lowes employee login portal.
  5. The lowes employee login portal saves a lot of energy and the time of the users after register on this online portal.
  6. You also get updated at the regular intervals regarding the latest news and details of the Lowes.

Offermatic turned to Yodlee, the same financial services backend that caused Mint to reduce the slip factor by analyzing their credit card information. The website declares that all data is stored as synonyms. Although she knows your purchasing history, she (in theory) doesn’t know who you are. And the purchase history is not shared, it is not a social website.

After you have registered for the service, it is very easy to use. Offermatic regularly sends an email with offers based on the latest transactions. If you find one you like, click a link and your credit card will automatically “charge” this offer. If you buy from a retailer or brand that submitted the offer, your discount will automatically be applied to the transaction. There is still very little effort for the user (you must click on the emails to get the offers that interest you the most), but the friction is very low.

So far the system has worked. Offermatic’s tests showed that large retailers achieve a conversion rate of 14.5%, which is much higher than normal.

Offermatic is pretty unique right now, but you’ll see more competition as other lowes employee login providers link transaction history and loyalty cards with special offers. For example, Foursquare recently signed a contract with Vons dealing with the Vons customer card. I hope that similar offers from Foursquare and other services will come in the future.

You should visit Lowe’s on Black Friday if you find good gifts and want to plan your vacation for less. You can plug in a lighted Christmas tree for under $ 50 and save on big gadgets like an LG microwave ($ 169) and a refrigerator ($ 799).

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