How are the Dollar General stores managing the large crowd?

To compete with supermarkets, Dollar General expanded its food area. The Hankinson store has almost three supermarket aisles. It has a fridge and freezer so you can buy milk and a microwave. It does not store meat or fresh products, but many processed foods in boxes and cans. More of its shelf space is devoted to snacks and sugary drinks than anything else.

Dollar General probably looks more like Walmart, though it’s a miniature version, with less than a tenth of space and less variety across all product categories. The magnetic attraction of low prices has drawn residents of rural areas and small towns to neighboring towns with Walmart. There is a Walmart 30 minutes northeast of Hankinson in Wahpeton.

The resemblance to Walmart may explain why Dollar General’s impact on small-town retailers in North Dakota was less than expected. Dollar General competes more directly with Walmart than with local supermarkets, pharmacies, and hardware stores. Hankinson consumers can now buy cheap local products they went to Wahpeton to buy.

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A Hankinson resident who loads his truck in front of the Dollar General on a fast Wednesday morning marks this change.

The products that I can buy here are much cheaper than in the city, he said. “It’s better than having to go to Walmart.”

Dollar General’s expansion at into the Midwest was facilitated by the construction of a distribution center in Janesville, Wisconsin earlier this year. The company currently has 113 stores in Minnesota and 43 in South Dakota. North Dakota was the 44th state of the retailer.

The chain’s first five stores in North Dakota are located in the southeastern part of the state but are growing rapidly in the north and west. A store is about to open in Cavalier, 15 miles south of the Canadian border. He opened stores in Lakota, Langdon, and Larimore. It is under construction in Cooperstown and New Rockford.

“The Dakotas are one of the last frontiers for dollar stores,” said Brown of Cushman & Wakefield.

Family Dollar is also present in North Dakota. It has 21 stores throughout the state. But Family Dollar has struggled in recent years, and another chain, Dollar Tree, acquired it in 2015. It’s not as aggressive as Dollar General and isn’t considered the same small-town threat.

Two chains also have different investment strategies. The family dollar is likely to be found in large urban areas and large cities. It has supermarkets in the city of Fargo, Grand Forks, and Bismarck. The average population of North Dakota cities is nearly 20,000.

Meanwhile, Dollar General is found almost exclusively in small, sometimes very small, cities. All but one of the cities where North Dakota has opened or will open stores has fewer than 2,000 residents. Seven have fewer than 1,000 people. He built a store in Wyndmere, 419 residents.

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