A man’s life was saved at the UPSers

According to a report, the two men responsible for the jewelry theft in South Florida and a possible police shooting have had time to be mugged.

A UPSers driver and an innocent bystander were also killed in the Miramar shots seen on local television.

The thieves were identified by the UPSers as Lamar Alexander and Ronnie Hill, both 41, who reported to WPLG-TV.

“He made the wrong decisions in life and it cost him,” said Alexander Corey Smith, who, according to the network, was his brother.

Alexander was a criminal with a long list of criminal records, including armed robbery, the station said.

He was sentenced to 10 years in prison and released in 2017.

Hill was also released from prison in 2017, the WPLG reported. He was convicted of multiple robberies and robbery convictions.

The shooting took place after Alexander and Hill stole a Coral Gables jewelry store and then hijacked a UPS truck during the epidemic.

The late UPS driver was identified as Frank Ordóñez, a 27-year-old man with two girls.

It was not immediately known who had fired the shots that killed Ordóñez or the passerby.

Press helicopters followed the chase and at least one showed the discovery live, with one person falling from the passenger side of the vehicle after several shots.

“It is very early in the investigation,” FBI Special Agent George Piro said Thursday night. “Many questions remain open.”

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A UPSers driver in North Carolina said he had an “idea” that something was wrong when he discovered that a customer on his regular route had not picked up a package he had dropped off a few days earlier.

Todd Holland was ready to deliver another package to the old man’s home in Ashe County on Tuesday, four days after the previous delivery. But instead of leaving the item at the door, Holland was determined to make a serious effort to contact the customer and make sure everything was okay.

Desperate, Holland turned the handle on the man’s door and, to his surprise, opened it.

So I opened the door and poked my head in. Then I saw him lying on the floor, he told the train station.

When Holland noticed that the man was having a medical emergency, she quickly called 911 and waited for help. It is unclear how the unidentified man works, but Holland said he was careful to monitor the man’s home while recovering from a local hospital.

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The Flow Of UPSers

Holland said he was happy to follow his stomach and not go out that day, although he wished he had contacted the man earlier.

God has a plan for everything and it was His plan to find it [on Tuesday], he said.

The delivery man said he has used the story since then as a warning to other factors.

I told my UPSers colleagues that if you notice and believe something is wrong, take a look at it. It is likely, he said, adding that one factor may be the only one that can be controlled. those who have no close relatives or friends.

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